Access Control is the process of restricting and monitoring access to a site. This means that not only are you no longer reliant on physical keys to restrict access, but also that you are able to see who accessed your site, and when. Other advantages of using electronic access control include the ability to deny users access remotely if they are suspect, allowing access according to schedules.  Biometrics uses the measurement of some part of the body to determine a users’ identity.

Your security is our priority. In addition to the installation and maintenance of door entry systems, we also specialize in fire safety, mechanical locks, and more. Whether it’s your home or your business, our team are dedicated to providing you with effective security solutions, so that your property has some of the best protection available. To learn more about our access control systems and how we can better protect your property, simply get in touch with one of our experts. 

Access cards are still the most common identifiers used in access control systems. You present your card to a reader and, if all the conditions stored in the system are met, you’re allowed to enter.

When it comes to deciding who has access to what, various departments are usually involved. This can include HR, facilities management and IT, as well as security. Often, these departments each have their own system that operates independently. This is inefficient though and can lead to mistakes that present significant security risks.

Our software suite consists of various modules, including Attendance, Time Management, Leave Management, Access Control, SMS Communication, Enforcer Exception Management and Job Costing. Our software caters for the small business to the large multi-national enterprises and is specifically tailored to the varying business’ needs, no matter the industry.