We have different quality of ups in our shop in Nairobi Kenya. Using this ups have many Advantages to the person Using Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System acts as an alternative source of Energy to electronics whenever there is a downtime these prevents data losses and damages to equipment whenever there are voltage spike or irregular Current.

 Uninterrupted Power Supply is commonly used in Kenya for computer systems but can offer valuable benefits to home electronics such as Televisions, PS4, Sound Systems and Much more.

The UPS Can be used along with inverters and Generators and solar batteries to always ensure that whenever there is a changeover from one current source the equipment gets clean power and it’s valuable.

Small UPS such as 650 VA provide your Electronics with Regulated Voltage and temporary power to ensure that the devices shut down correctly or data load. 

You can choose the size and functions of the UPS depending upon the demand and supply. Critical load shedding and uncertain disruption of power supply can be sorted with good quality UPS.

Top Advantages of Using Power Backup and UPS

Uncertain Data Loss Can Be Prevented:

Computer Systems do not have batteries like laptops. So when there is a power outage, you may lose the data on your system since they are active equipment that only runs on Electricity.

As such, UPS can keep your system running and you get a good time to store or save your data and then shut down your system safely.

Emergency Power Supply:

Whenever there is a power spike or a blackout, UPS stands as a reliable alternative power source. You can go on with your work by using UPS or Batteries from an uncertain case of long power cuts.

Protects the Voltage Sensitive Device from Bad Electricity:

You can observe power fluctuations in direct alternating current which ultimately leads to the degradation of the gadgets.

Uninterrupted Power Supply provides stable output by controlling the power fluctuations.

Provides Surge Protection:

When there is a power surge, UPS detects the bad power supply and stops direct power supply. It then provides stable power from its own stock.

It ultimately prevents the possible cause of damage on devices due to the power supply interruptions.

Maintains Battery Life:

You can keep working on the operational mode even when there is a power cut as it maintains constant charging once you connect a UPS to a battery.

Huge Power Back Up in the Industries:

Various firms rely on UPS and connect them with their gadgets and machines. It can hugely affect their work output if there is a power disruption and therefore UPS is the essential need when it comes to smooth operation at work.

UPS is a major need in both household and commercial organizations.

It is one of the best forms of temporary power and should be only used which comes with good quality.

If you are a resident of Live in Kenya and you are looking to buy a UPS, or a wit Temporary Power Solutions such as Inverters and solar.

Dayari technologies Uninterrupted Power Supply   Solutions will offer the latest products that will meet you Unique Needs and requirements

Dayari technologies Kenya, Deals in Mecer, Mercury, and APC UPS – With an Extensive catalog of 650- 10 KVA Ups UPS Replacement Batteries From. Customized Inverter solutions, Generators and Solar Solutions

Power Back and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System shop in Nairobi Is Located Along Kimathi Street, Opposite IPS Building at The Nairobi CBD  

  1. APC Essential Surge Arrest 5 outlets 230V
  2. APC Replacement Battery 12V-7AH (RBC40) 
  3. 2000VA APC Smart-UPS LCD 230V SMC 2000I
  4. Eaton 650VA 5E .Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)(Opens in a new browser tab)
  5. Mercury Maverick 650VA Line Interactive UPS(Opens in a new browser tab)
  6. OfficePoint Back-Up UPS 650VA

We are an established Suppliers, Dealers, and resellers of Networking, Telephone, Computing, Power and Electrical, Electronics,  Telephone and Security Equipment in Kenya, specializing in Trading in a diverse range of products,  we stock all your favorite Products.  Dayari technologies Online Shop will guarantee Same-Day working day shipping on all orders placed before 3:00pm Monday to Friday.

We ship our products to all towns in Kenya including and Across East Africa: Juba Sudan, Kampala Uganda, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Kigali Rwanda, Somalia

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