Are people your greatest security risk?

When unauthorised access to your premises is a risk you cannot afford, biometric or fingerprint access control offers the best possible security.

Is your time & attendance process leaking money?

Monitoring staff time on the job can cost you time and lose you money. Biometric access control stops the leakage, for good.

10 good reasons for choosing fingerprint access control

  •  Eliminate any unauthorised access
  •  Eliminate risk of duplicity or fraud
  •  Save time on attendance processing: no more cumbersome and inaccurate recording of each person’s time spent on the job
  •  Save money: no more paying for time not actually spent on the job
  •  Cut out the risk of loss or theft of access cards or codes
  •  Reliable, accurate and more secure than card systems
  •  Data could be stored and tracked via cloud-based software
  •  Supports 50-5000 users with easy adding or deleting of users
  •  Flexible – can be tailored for your environment
  •  No people required to run or guard it

The 6th Sense Security Five Star promise:

  •  Flexible and customised solutions
  •  No business too small or too big
  •  Fast and expert installation
  •  Excellent prices
  •  We’re always here to support our customers