Safeguard Your Premises with Almiria Networks: The Leading Installer of Automatic Gates in Kenya

The advent of technology has seen the development of automated gates, pushing the boundaries of safety and convenience to new heights. These gates, also referred to as electric or remote gates, are increasingly being utilized to control access to homes, airports, parking lots, manufacturing units, clearance and forwarding terminals, among other guarded areas. They offer two significant security benefits: maintaining the security of specific areas and controlling access – both entry and exit.

Safeguard Your Premises with Almiria Networks: The Leading Installer of Automatic Gates in Kenya

Mastering the Art of Automated Gates

At Almiria Networks, we specialize in both Automatic Sliding gates and Swing gates. The most prevalent use of automatic gates in Kenya today is to regulate vehicle access to various sites. For instance, barrier arm gates, common at airport entries, only grant access once the requisite security measures have been carried out. Most residential homes favor automated swing gates, while Automatic Slide gates are a popular choice for commercial complexes and building installations.

Almiria Networks: Your Preferred Partner for Automated Gates Solutions in Kenya

As a leading installer of automated gates in Kenya, Almiria Networks provides gates that operate by sliding along a rail installed on the ground. Wheels fitted on the gate enable smooth sliding along the rail during opening or closing operations.

We offer installation services for both residential and commercial premises. Beyond using a remote control to operate the gate, you can also open the gate by sending a simple SMS, such as “OPEN”, from your phone. This feature facilitates quick entry and exit, particularly in emergency situations.

Why Choose Almiria Networks for Your Automated Gate Installation Needs?

Our expertise at Almiria Networks extends to all aspects of automatic electric gates and parking barriers. We ensure that our gates operate smoothly by sliding along an installed ground rail, thanks to the wheels fitted onto the gate.

Investing in an Electric Gate System: A Decision You Won’t Regret

Automatic gates have significantly improved the functionality of traditional gates, enabling you to operate your gate from the safety of your vehicle. This feature significantly reduces potential exposure to danger, a risk commonly associated with manually operated gates.

With our automatic sliding gate system, you won’t waste time at the gate. You can use a wireless transmitter device to open your gate, or we can configure the system to enable you to operate the gate from your smartphone.

The Design of the Automatic Gate Opener

Our solutions cater to both swing gates and slide gates. The motor operator can be either mechanical or hydraulic, and the setup comes with a wireless transmitter that communicates with the receiver during opening and closing operations.

Moreover, gate openers can be installed with solar panels to reduce electric consumption, and the use of a backup battery ensures the gate motor can run during power blackouts. This system embodies safety and convenience in one package, proving to be an ideal solution for both residential areas and commercial places.

Complete your residential security with the installation of IP CCTV cameras. For a minimal investment, we will provide a comprehensive video surveillance system, further enhancing the safety of your premises. Trust Almiria Networks for a revolutionized, secure, and convenient gate system.