Biometric School Managementss Solutions in Kenya

Biometric school attendance software is software that collects biometric information in order to collate attendance data. Think of a fingerprint scanner or an iris reader that you might have seen in your school or office at ports of entry and exit. These are simply a type of biometric school attendance software that is already in your school. Increasingly, thanks to more easily accessible technology and growing student security needs, biometric student attendance software are really gaining a foothold and becoming more prevalent in our educational institutions like schools and colleges. Biometric school attendance management software might seem like futuristic technologies for fancy school, but they are actually cost-effective and highly useful for all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

Biometric school attendance software relies on biometrics – measurable information based on human characteristics – to track the attendance of everyone from teachers to staff to students. The biometric school attendance software essentially tracks in real time every entry and exit of every person entering and leaving a building. It is arguably the most effective school attendance software on the market.

Why do Schools Need Biometric School Attendance Software?

It could be argued that school essentially functions as a job for students. It certainly does for teachers. It is thus necessary that the very concept of attendance be treated seriously by all parties. Previously, we have used devices like signing in at attendance registers or asking security or administrative personnel to confirm the attendance of teachers, or just using an honor system. These systems are unfeasible for a variety of reasons, ranging from being impossible to scale up in the case of the honor system or self sign in to incredibly expensive and unreliable in case of having a human resource keep track of comings and goings. They have been in use for so long because of the inaccessibility of expensive technology. However, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, biometric school attendance software is widely available, financially viable, and easily installed at your school.

Schools and other educational institutions are where students and teachers spend most of their days. It is necessary that their whereabouts are known and accounted for, in order to maintain a secure facility. Relying on traditional methods like eyewitness accounts and self-sign ins is not feasible, especially when technology like biometric school attendance software is so highly accessible.

Whom Biometric School Attendance Management Software Help?

It might seem like biometric school attendance software is only useful for truant students. But as has already been discussed above, biometric school attendance does not just track student attendance but also tracks the attendance and leaves of teachers and other non-education or administrative staff. This helps management keep track of the daily functioning of the school easily and cost-effectively, helping them manage their bottom line. This is vital for management considering the financial setbacks and funding cuts that most schools and colleges face these days. Biometric school attendance software is thus useful to every single stakeholder in the educational ecosystem.

How is Payroll Processing Impacted by Biometric School Attendance Software?

Payroll processing is one of the most important, yet time-consuming and taxing functions in a school. So how can your biometric school attendance software help? Below we discuss how payroll processing is made easier thanks to the impact the right biometric school attendance software can make. Overall, these advantages help feel payroll processing software accurate information automatically.

  • Real-Time Tracking of Attendance

With biometric school attendance software, the need to review archived tapes or attendance logs is eliminated. Instead, know when teachers or non-education or administrative staff is entering and exiting the school in real time. This is because the biometric school attendance software reads, stores, and shares entry and exit data in a matter of seconds. No lag time in the storage of attendance means that you know exactly where teachers or staff are at any given point of time.

  • No Fraudulent Attendance

Attendance can often be faked or manipulated by malicious elements in the school ecosystem. Much like their students, sometimes teachers and staff can attempt to have someone sign in on their behalf in the traditional paper and pencil attendance register. This is practically impossible with biometric school attendance software. This is because the biometric school attendance software reads biometric information that is unique to each human. Proxy attendance – a very huge student problem in Indian schools and colleges – is entirely eliminated by biometric school attendance software. This reduction of fraudulent attendance reports is necessary for school, especially, who are constantly dealing with budget cuts and must pinch pennies where they can.

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  • Automated Payroll Processing

No employee likes to wait to be paid and this is no different for teachers and staff in a school. Since payroll is such a sensitive function, it usually is a huge undertaking for a school’s finance team in terms of time and labor. But no more! Now, Your payroll processing software can be plugged into your biometric school attendance software to streamline and automate payroll processing. This is because the biometric school attendance software is reliably tracking attendance and leaves of teachers and staff throughout the day. It is also able to share this information with the payroll processing software and then make the required deductions or additions to the payroll, on a person by person basis. Using biometric school attendance software in conjunction with your payroll processing software pretty much automates the payroll processing entirely.

  • Reduction in Payroll Errors

Thanks to the accuracy of information that the biometric school attendance software receives and shares, the data it shares regarding school attendance and leaves records can be relied on. This means that when a payroll processing software is plugged into it, people’s pay is being processed based on reliable information – instead of self-reported information or information that is prone to error thanks to a human recording it through observation. A biometric school attendance software is thus less susceptible to errors than a fallible human, making it the better option for payroll processing.