Transforming Attendance Management in Kenya

Welcome to Almiria Networks, Kenya’s top-tier supplier and installer of Biometric Attendance Systems. We specialize in innovative attendance management solutions, including Employee Biometrics Time Attendance Management Systems, Biometric User Verification Solutions, and Biometric Access Control Systems. Our products and services are trusted by leading companies throughout Kenya, providing a reliable and accurate means of managing attendance.

Biometric Time Attendance Systems In Kenya

The Future of Attendance Management

Many businesses and institutions face challenges in managing attendance, often due to manual logging inaccuracies. The traditional method of book logging is often unreliable as employees might not record the correct arrival or departure times, or even log in for their late colleagues. This is where our solutions come into play.

Our advanced Biometric Time Attendance Systems leverage the reliability and precision of top-quality devices from respected suppliers such as Suprema, ZK Teco, Safran Morpho by Idemia, and Secugen, among others. These systems register over one thousand fingerprints and securely store all attendance logs in the database, ensuring reliable attendance tracking.

Integration and Innovation

Just like our other security products, our biometric time attendance systems can be further enhanced through integration with our Biometric Access Control Systems. The integration provides an additional layer of security and facilitates better time management and payroll processing for HR departments.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Needs

Over the years, Almiria Networks has implemented various innovative systems to address specific attendance management needs:

  • School Attendance Management Systems: We provide systems that send SMS and Email alerts to designated contacts when students clock in or out of school.
  • Meal Management Systems: Our solutions ensure only staff and students who have made payments can access their meals, barring those who haven’t paid.
  • Transport Management Systems: Ideal for learning institutions and companies to manage school and staff buses efficiently.
  • Mobile Biometric Devices: Perfect for managing workers at construction sites and sales staff in the field, especially in areas with minimal access to electricity thanks to their in-built batteries.

Choose Almiria Networks

As the leading Biometric Systems supplier and distributor in Kenya, we stand by the quality of our fingerprint scanners and the convenience of our School Attendance Management Software. Our clients appreciate our dedication to enhancing their businesses through reliable attendance management systems. To understand how our systems can benefit your organization, contact us today.

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