Business Phone System Solutions

We’re here to help you understand what is currently being offered in the form of Business Phone System Solutions.

With advances in technology, businesses can take advantage of a variety of business phone system solutions available today, which allow for multiple configurations. There’s never been a better time to find a system that has exactly the features and benefits you need to run your business. Whether you need sophisticated call recording equipment for a law firm or an emergency communication network for a hospital, let our systems work for you.

With today’s technology there are lot’s of different types of business phone systems which can be confusing at times.  Which one is right for your business comes down to numerous factors.  At Midwest Telephone we try to understand what your needs are so that we can often save you money and have a better running system.

Types of Business Phone Systems and Their Features

We have put together a guide of the all the types and features of the main types of phone systems; Analog, Digital, Hybrid, VoIP, Hosted/Cloud based technology phone systems.

We hope you find this helpful, we’re always here to answer any questions to help you find what’s best for your company.

Digital/Hybrid PBX Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems have been serving businesses for decades. Landlines that plug into phone jacks provide clear, quality sound for callers. The reliability of a traditional phone system is exceptional. We might be able to help save you some money

VOIP Phone Systems

A decision to make the switch to VoIP phone system requires research and groundwork however we put together a small business guide to buying a VoIP phone system with everything you need to know.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems carry phone calls over digital data channels instead of traditional telephone lines. VoIP systems are often less expensive and offer rich features, including conference calling and virtual phone numbers.