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Point to Point/ Multipoint Solution

The rapid proliferation of ICT services and Internet computing has created new demands and challenges [...]

ToughSwitch – Switch Presentation

The Ubiquiti ToughSwitch Carrier features dual ToughSwitch PoE PRO systems in a rack-mountable, 1U form [...]

Ubiquiti Product Options for Different Scenarios and Distances

In fixed outdoor wireless communications there are two primary deployment methods used for distributing wireless: [...]

Towers and Masts Guidelines-almirianetworks Limited

This guideline recognizes the following types of telecommunication towers, namely; (1) Monopole Towers or Post [...]

To install Active Server Pages on Windows Server

Therefore, the users cannot change their passwords or log on to Outlook Web Access. To [...]

Ubiquiti Point to Multi Bridge

Scenario: Below explains basic configuration required to configure a Wireless Point to Multi Point Bridge [...]

Mikrotik Interface/Bonding

Bonding is a technology that allows aggregation of multiple ethernet-like interfaces into a single virtual [...]