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 Almiria provides best CCTV Installers and Installations in Kenya. We are always efficient and reliable. We give our customers the details of some of the Cameras that you may need and their prices.

After the survey we are able to give a comprehensive conclusion of the materials that we need to enable us to quote and what its needed to Install. The survey is free of charge and we will provide the Quotation Free of Charge. Almiria has Quality and very reliable and cost effective Cameras. They all depend on the Viewing Range the TV Lines (Resolution) The Viewing Angle, The Distance, If Day Only or with IR, If IP or Analogue or Wireless and so many other aspects like Zoom rotate Option That is PTZ.

The all have different Prizes that’s why Survey its Important.

There are those cheap cameras with the same specifications but their durability is short lived and their Visibility is not that good with very low resolution. 

Secure digital limited do install the best products and we promise to provide the best at all times. We do have products that we have used and have performed with accordance with the site. When you choose us to install for you we guarantee Professionalism. 

We have other CCTV Products from Good Manufacturing company which are located in China but they sell the best products. We do also provide other products from UK and U.S.A. Note U.S.A products we do install in special occasions like when we are dealing with tenders which are always specified by the tenderer. They may include Government Institutes, NGO’s, Companies etc. We do supply the best and we do sell at reasonable and affordable prices for every client. Either the whole-seller or the end user.

This includes all types of cameras, Dvr machines, Monitors, Coaxial Cables, Power Cables, Power Supply Units among other Accessories.

We also do have various types of cameras that what depends is where you want to install and what you want to cover. 

We have DOME Cameras – they can be either outdoor or indoor and they can be Day only and others with IR for day and Night others with ZOOM lens and others with pan and tilt High Speed Camera.

We do also have Bullet Cameras – they are very different types they do vary by their ranges that is distance, there are outdoor all weather cameras with IR and their sizes are different.

We do have other types of cameras eg those once we call Box Cameras this type of cameras you choose the lens you want to use.

There are also IP cameras that are connected to Network and others you install them they do have their software and you can operate them via network.

There are other new cameras those are the Wireless types of cameras. 

Secure Digital Limited do Install different types of CCTV Systems. Note all the Systems depends with what the client wants. Other clients we do advice about the best system is appropriate for their premises or business.

The DVR can be connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and you can view through the Network where by you can use the DVR Software.

This are the CCTV Installations systems that Almiria uses now and then:-

  1. We have the one that you use Coaxial Cable and you connect the Cameras to a DVR Machine.
  2. There is the system where by you use the coaxial cable and you connect the Cameras to a Capture card that is installed in the desktop Computer machine.
  3. The other system is where you use IP cameras which use CAT 5 or CAT 6 type of cable this system the cameras are connected and are inter linked with the Desktop. You can use the network within your premise or you can be provided with one.
  4. The same kind of IP camera system has now improved and we have DVR for IP Cameras. This system is best for large Installations.
  5. We do have another type of system that uses Wireless Cameras.
  6. Almiria will soon provide Rental CCTV systems
  7. will also be providing CCTV that will be paid Monthly by keeping records for clients via network to Servers.