Almiria Networks offers a wide range of high-quality CCTV surveillance solutions, catering to any specific business needs, budget or criteria. 

We are fully versed in surveillance technology, from the dated, yet reliable Analogue systems, to the higher-spec HD and IP systems.

An effective CCTV installation can also result in reduced costs, eliminating the need for increased manpower as security personnel who would be needed to man the entire premises are no longer considered a necessity. CCTV provides 24-hour supervision, at a fraction of the cost.

In the modern day, with our rampant internet usage, we’ve become surprisingly offhand in our approach to home security. Just think how much information you give away when you do a simple online grocery order: your name, your address, the kind of things you buy, what times you’ll be around (and, by extension, what times you’ll be out). You might even give instructions on how to get into your building.

Startling, isn’t it? We’ve gone from an age when people left the lights on at home while away on holiday to deter burglars, to a world in which we happily fill out forms that advertise our absence. 

Still, if technology has made us vulnerable, then it can also make us secure. Tech companies have been pushing hard to innovate in the connected home CCTV camera space. Big investments by the likes of Google-owned Nest, Amazon’s Blink, and up-and-coming security company Ring have made home security cameras more prominent.

In a nutshell, these cameras record both the inside and the outside of your home, and save the footage somewhere (it might be in the cloud, it might be in the device itself, depending which one you buy). Often, they also connect with your smartphone so you can stream live everything that’s going on at home, wherever you are in the internet-connected world. .