What Is a PBX Phone System?

When it comes to ensuring the smooth flow of your business operations, it is important to have the most effective communications solutions, no matter how small or large your company is. For instance, a Private Branch Exchange or PBX phone system handles the switching connections automatically between two phone users or more. It is the main nexus point and central operator that manages message handling, retrieval and telephone call transactions.

Best Business Telephone System

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What is the Best Business Telephone System?

If you are looking to incorporate this phone system to your business, you can select from different types depending on what works for you best. Among the options in store for you include the traditional PBX, managed PBX, and the IP PBX. These types vary in several ways in terms of the benefits and features they offer. Thus, it may be worth comparing which of these suit your messaging and phone call needs in the business.

1. Traditional PBX

With a traditional PBX, this will make it possible for your employees and staff to share the phone systems lines. As a result, your expenses on telecommunications will be minimized. This PBX system is also fully programmable, along with the added benefit of supporting integration scenarios or complex installation. A wide range of high-end communications options can also be supported well by this PBX system. In addition, this system is scalable, which means there should be no problem when you want to expand it according to your company’s requirements. With a minimal footprint that the physical PBX hub has, you can easily make it fit in your office without occupying too much space.

2. IP-Based PBX

The IP telephone or PBX system includes 1 or several software-based type of SIP phones. There is also an IP PBX system server, along with the option to include a VoIP gateway for connecting to your present PSTN lines. In a way, this phone system works just like a proxy server, and there is a directory of all the registered users and SIP address and all phones. It is capable of establishing connections whether externally or internally by simply using these pieces of information. Phone calls can also be routed efficiently through the VoIP service provider or an internal gateway.

As for the advantages you can expect from this phone system, you will find it easier to configure and install as compared to a proprietary telephone system. Managing it is also hassle-free, given the centralized web or the GUI-based interface for the configuration. As it is scalable, cost-efficient, and manageable, this improves the level of productivity in your company. Precisely, this will positively impact the quality of customer service you can provide.

3. Hosted PBX

If you have an internet connection that is secure and dependable, then a hosted PBX may work for you. Among the benefits you get from this type of phone system for your business include zero maintenance costs, reduction in equipment and labor overhead, greater mobility, and no down time.

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By choosing the best business telephone system installation company Kenya has to offer, you can find the perfect communications solutions that will match your needs and budget. This way, your business productivity will improve for higher returns on your investment over time.

Need PBX Installation and Configuration?

Almiria Networks have the best technicians who will advise on installation and offer after-sales support for your business telephone needs. We conduct a site visit and assess your PBX system needs, professionally. Contact us today or visit us at the Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi.

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