Conference Phones

Having a reliable conference phone is essential to businesses that work with clients across the nation and, especially, across the world. Companies that have many workers who telecommute will also be very dependent on a dependable conference phone. When it comes to important meetings and communications, a faulty conference phone should never stand between you and success.

At Midwest Telephone, we know how essential it is to have a high-quality conference phone that emits clear sound for all parties of the call. That’s why we choose to sell only the best brands of conference phones from manufactures like next-generation conference systems from Polycom, Panasonic and ClearOne.

New speakerphone technology sounds more crystal clear than ever. With ultra-sensitive microphones and noise-canceling technology, a user can speak in a normal voice from up to 10 feet away and not worry about background noise interfering with the sound. Additionally, only the speaker nearest to the user will pick up sound during the call, increasing the clarity.

We can install our systems to the exact customizations you need. If you have a large conference room, we can install several microphones around the room to help the sound. Whether your system is analog, digital or VOIP, we can provide the support you need to get a system setup.