Data Center Set Up

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

Bill Gates

The Best Providers of Data Center Solutions in Kenya

Data center set up in Kenya is no job for armatures. Building an efficient data center or managing a server room  in Nairobi or anywhere else for that matter requires expertise and precision for efficient results.

Thanks to our rich experience in the field of data centers, we are happy to offer ours services in  designing, building and supporting data centers, server rooms and communication rooms to your satisfaction.​

almirianetworks works with businesses in Kenya to help them build quality streamlined and scalable IT Infrastructure.  We build simplified management and streamlined operations that offer flexibility and interoperability with a programmable infrastructure built on open standards.

We do it from our hearts. It’s a passion we have acquired over the years working with different clients across Kenya and the East Africa region in general.

Below are some of the services we can offer you when it comes to data center set up:

  • Superior Structured Cabling
  • Raised Floor & Accessories
  • Data Centre access control solutions
  • Monitoring and suppression –smoke and fire alarms Fire Detection & Fire Suppression
  • Racks & Cabinets supply and installation
  • Precision Cooling and temperature control solutions
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions

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Get Data Network Solutions in Kenya from almirianetworks Limited

Our data network solutions will help you have a high-speed internet use, data explosion, cloud-based services and the internet. Our centralized data Centre approach uses a more structured way to organize cabling, power, cooling, environmental controls using racks, containment and overhead trays and ducts. 

Our sole purpose is to help you eliminate redundancy and unify management, as well as offer you IT service delivery to reduce operating costs while increasing performance. We do this by installing one of our reliable data Centre solutions from almirianetworks Limited.

Get free expert advice and consultation in end-to-end Networking, Server room design and Data Centre solutions. We have a dedicated team of Experts to help you have the best solution at a decent budget.

We offer brands from Siemon Cabling, Edge-core Networks, Arista, Huawei, Aten International Co. Ltd, Totem, D-Link, APC- UK, etc..

About almirianetworks Data Centre set up and management solutions in Kenya

almirianetworks ICT Solutions.  Is a well-established ICT consultancy and solutions firm with professionals and consultants who have over 50 Yrs. of combined experience of Tech and ICT Solutions experience?

With the head office located in Nairobi in Kenya and partnerships with major ICT players in South Sudan Uganda, and entire east Africa, we have combined and grown our client portfolio as has grown from strength to strength to establish itself as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Our main objective is to provide unsurpassed superior services to customers based on personalized. Service hence our mission statement “Bring technology to you.”

What you can expect from almirianetworks Data Centre Solutions

almirianetworks Limited specializes in the design and construction of Data centers which meet international industry standards.

The datacenters are installed with Raised Floor; fireproof partitioning, automatic fire suppression system, cooling system, biometric security locks, IP CCTV Surveillance, Clean Power Backup, and management software.

We go further and equip the data center with appropriate Servers and storage solutions.

We have the technical expertise – we are able to Install High-end Servers and Storage Systems as per client’s requirement.


Data Center Set Up

almirianetworks offers a full portfolio of integrated Data Center Set Up services where we work with you to assess your existing infrastructure and provide solutions that support even mission-critical environments.We will help you analyze your current environment and develop a strategic plan to transform your data center.Remove growth barriers. Reduce cost and complexity. Optimize energy and space efficiency.

Full Data Centre Services

Our Services : 
We offer complete services from conceptualization to execution of Data Center Infrastructures. While planning a DC the highest level of Integrity (Security) and Functionality (Uptime) are ensured.

Areas Focused 

Power Planning 

Density Planning 



Space Optimization

Setting up Data Centre Infrastructure

Execution of Services 

Interior Works

UPS Systems and DG Sets

Precision Environment Control Equipments ( Air Conditioning )

Electrical Panels

Electrical Works – Cabling, Installation, etc.


Access Control Systems

Civil Works