Fire Alarms & Equipment

With a team of trained engineers and technicians, we strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s installation manuals to conform to the code of practice for design installation and maintenance of fire detection and alarm system.
Fire alarm system wiring by its purpose is supposed to withstand fire and be able to transmit detection and alarm signals to give adequate warning. It is mandatory that a system should be wired using approved fire resistant cable which should be rated and certified Our experience has given us invaluable knowledge to be able to tackle various environmental conditions and many other challenges.

Alarm systems are basically designed for life and property safety, in the event of fire occurrence, it is paramount that the shortest time is taken to alert and evacuate people from the fire risk area. It is for this reason that you want to be sure that the detector is capable of detecting fire, send a signal to the control panel, the received signal is processed and the output sent out to audio/visual alarm devices to alert and give appropriate warnings. Preventive maintenance service is done to ensure that once in three months; your system is checked and tested to ascertain that the system is in good working condition.

We issue a service report indicating any shortcomings noted in the cause of carrying out the service. We also check that basic safety measures have been observed