Entrepreneurs tend to be risk takers by nature. That is why they spend a large amount of time trying to understand all their business functions. After all, that business is their baby…and when they started it, they for sure had a plan on how to run it. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. They forget to do one crucial thing — consult the best IT Company in Kenya for all technology related stuff. Yes, as an entrepreneur, you might have all the necessary ingredients to run your business but fall short on the latest technology. So why go through this headache when you can hire an IT consulting firm to bridge this gap for you? This article will highlight some of the things to consider when looking for the best IT consultancy in Kenya to fit your business needs; But first things first! Let’s take a look at why IT consultancy is so crucial for your business — whether it’s a local business operating in Nairobi or just here in Kenya, or a multinational one operating across the East Africa region.

Why do you need an IT consultancy for your Business?

1.    An IT consultant has the right expertise

Since IT experts have technology in their DNA, they will pass vast knowledge to your business. If you hire a consultancy with an impeccable track record like almirianetworks Kenya, that means they have already worked with similar clients in the same industry and therefore knows how to solve technology-related problems. And because they would like to be ahead of their competitors, they offer you the best services in the least amount of time possible.

2.    An IT consultancy will save you cost and time

Do you know that it is actually cheaper to hire an IT consultant than hiring full-time staff? Well, it’s true, even though consultants come across as expensive. Their fees are nothing compared to maintaining a staff salary in the long run. On top of that, permanent employees require additional benefits. It makes sense, right? Experts come equipped with all the information necessary to offer solutions at the least amount of time possible; after all, they have been doing this for ages. Hiring an employee for the same means more time training, and also you might not get all the right skills in one person.

3.    A Consultant identifies problems and offers solutions objectively

IT Consultants Kenya comes in to do what they are hired for; that means when they identify a problem, they will give you their feedback without beating around the bush and offer their utmost skills to solve said problem. This might be actually what your business needs.  

How to Pick the Best IT Consultancy Firm in Kenya

And now to our main topic —how do you select an IT consultant for your business in Kenya or the East Africa region? Is there a rule of thumb you must keep in mind? Read on…..

1.    A Good Track Record and Solid Experience

A consultant is hired solely for their experience and what they offer the client, period! When Hiring an IT consulting firm, it’s important to check on their portfolio and track record, which clients have they worked with? What’s their turn around time for service delivery and so on. Ideally, you need to check the number of clients they are handing at a time because depending on the project, you may want undivided attention. Check the brands they deal in as well. almirianetworks, for instance, deals in some of the most reputable brands, including Panasonic, HP, HK Vision, Epson, Yeaster, and others.

2.    Professionalism

Wouldn’t you want to hire a consultant that puts your business interest at heart? If your answer is yes, then you need to hire a consulting firm that exudes utmost professionalism. Professionalism is not only about time and expertise but also a good attitude and commitment to get the job done. What sets a great IT consulting firm apart from the rest is the qualities they bring to the table.

3.    Creativity and ability to analyze and solve problems

Whether it’s solving existing problems or creating new business opportunities, you need a consultant that thinks outside the box and comes up with new innovative ways quickly to get ahead of the competitors. An outstanding IT consultancy firm delivers creative approaches by analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing innovative ideas. They are also great problem solvers.

4.    Exceptional Interpersonal Skills

There’s no better recipe for getting good results for your business than to have client- consultant trust. For a consultant firm to deliver good results, they need to know all the nitty-gritty details of your business…ok maybe not all. Without all the important details, they may not be able to know how to best approach and solve a problem. For this reason, it is crucial to pick a consultant that you can build a professional relationship that’s based on trust.

5.    Communication Skills 

As a client, you deserve to be treated with the greatest amount of professionalism by your consultants from the beginning of the project to the finish. This means that they need to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. Good communication includes both written and oral communication. Some consultancy firms are so professional that they handle queries after the completion of the project because they recognize the value of you as a client. When choosing a good IT consultancy, it is very important to go with that firm that will show up for meetings on time and can be able to articulate their ideas impeccably. Honesty and transparency are key in a client-consultant relationship.

6.    Consultants Fees

How much is an IT consultant Kenya? Well, this matter is subjective, because some would charge a premium, whereas others would consider a low budget. But we can tell you one thing — as the saying goes, cheap is expensive. Well, sometimes, but not always. You might go for the cheapest IT firm and end up going way over your budget when they do not deliver. So, it’s important to know your budget and plan towards getting the best IT consultancy firm based on that estimate.  What might look expensive now might come to save your business a lot of money in the future. Conclusion With the ever-changing dynamics in the technology in the world, your business will need to keep up with the innovation, and since it might be difficult to get in-house expertise, IT consultants come in handy. Luckily for you, we have reviewed ways in which you can pick the best consultancy firm in Kenya. And before you go all in, read what other clients are saying about the consultancy firms. Most consultant firms’ profiles are available on LinkedIn. When it comes to the best IT Consultancy services, no one matches almirianetworks Kenya. We understand all that entails technology implementation for businesses and possess just the right expertise to make it a reality for your organization. We can visualize your infrastructure and recommend the best technology implementations — from security and surveillance installation to biometric facial/ID systems to server installations. Contact us today and enjoy our professional services.