Look here: in the business world, Bulk SMS marketing has taken off quite impressively with virtually every business opting to utilize the technique because of its endless advantages. But the deal is, some businesses fail to understand just how important this type of marketing is. Sadly, several businesses have decided to test the effectiveness of bulk SMS Kenya but end up failing terribly. WHY? Simple! Because they don’t write text that sells. If bulk SMS marketing hasn’t been working for you, you probably need to learn a few things about how you can do it right. And yes, almirianetworks is going to help you with that. Just follow through…….

How to Write Perfect Bulk SMS

1.     Be short and Precise

Keep your bulk SMS message very short, focused, and concise. Define your target customers and then speak directly to them. You have to keep in mind that your customer does not want lots of junk incumbering their inbox. Keeping your messages very short, relevant, and useful is essential for writing compelling words for bulk SMS marketing.

2.     Keep off Abbreviations, Hype, and Slang Language

In today’s marketing world, people often mistake valuable information for spam messages because of small mistakes like using embellishing and promotional language. You have to also keep in mind that, if your customers misinterpret your words for spam messages, you will not get any conversions from the marketing SMS.

3.     Offer Your Customers Immediate Value

How often do you get new SMS messages in your inbox, only to find that they were not intended for you? How does it make you feel? Time wasted! Right? Now, your customers are busy running their day to day activities. You need to offer them something that is of value to them and not make them feel like you are wasting their time. Make sure that you understand your customers well, and tailor the bulk marketing  SMS towards giving your clients offers that are valuable to them. Attractive Bulk, SMS marketing messages, may incorporate the following;

  • Giveaways,
  • Exclusive deals,
  • Contests and challenges that lead to rewards.

Any SMS message that falls short of these few aspects risks driving your prospective customers to quit, which will consequently lead to low ROI for your investment. You can measure the value the Bulk SMS messages are bringing towards your investment by tracking the overall outcomes. If at all your prospects, do what you request them to do, then you can be assured that you have achieved value.

4.     Personalize the SMS

Many are those times you will receive SMS messages from companies referring to you as a client. What comes to your mind when a company refers to you by your name to market their products to you? You feel like you are unique, and the company took time to relate to you. Referring to you by your name makes you more interested in their products. Right? In this case, you ought to personalize your SMS messages by referring to your clients by their names. Not only does it become more attractive, but your client can also look at your SMS in the same manner, they look at their friends’ messages.

5.     Frequency of Sending Messages for Bulk SMS Marketing

You have to bear in mind that your potential customers have their thing going on too. Knowing the right time to send Bulk SMS messages will make them even more enjoyable for the customers to read. Sending the SMS  at the right time will ensure that your potential customers don’t view it as spam. Frequency is also crucial when it comes to making the customers interested in your marketing messages. If you keep bombarding your client’s inbox with SMS messages, the chances are that they will find it very annoying and you risk losing them. Again, if the time frame between each message you send is too long, you risk your clients becoming unfamiliar with your service and hence risk losing them also. See, it takes time and practice to get it all right.

6.     Effective use of Call to Action (CTA)

You don’t have to be an IT guru to write impeccable bulk SMS messages. Writing compelling messages for bulk SMS marketing means creatively coming up with short messages that give your customer a guideline on what you want them to do. You can achieve this by including a call to action (CTA) in your words. To make the words more interesting while hitting the target, make sure that the CTA you use is simple and clear to the target audience.

7.     Identify yourself

There are many times that you have received messages from marketing agencies without them having identified themselves. How do you view such? Do you take it as spam? If you send a message without identifying yourself, your customer is likely going to consider this message as spam, and end up pulling out of your services. Again, people have a habit of clearing anonymous messages from their inbox to create room for those from friends. To grab this opportunity, be sure to identify your brand hence make it more attractive for your clients to view your SMS.

And Why Should you Consider Bulk SMS in the First Place?

Now that you know what you really need to do to write a perfect bulk SMS message that communicates or sells your products or services, it’s only wise that we highlight a few things that make this marketing strategy worth it. Statistics have proven that messages for bulk SMS marketing are one of the most lucrative, direct, and practical ways your business can communicate with both prospective and repeat customers. For successful SMS marketing campaigns, tailor your SMS messages towards meeting meaningful marketing objectives, and defined business opportunities. Why should you even consider almirianetworks Kenya for all our bulk SMS services?

  • Very affordable
  • Quick implementation process
  • Trust from mobile users
  • Very easy to gauge the conversions from bulk SMS marketing
  • No need of extra Ad copies 

Final Words

To sum it all, it takes more than just finding the right words to write compelling messages for bulk SMS marketing. Wrong timing of messages will lead to your SMS being ignored or even being nagging to the customer. Frequency of SMSs will also go a long way in either making or breaking your marketing campaign. Including a call to action will add more value and taste to your SMS. Be sure to follow through all the tips, and you will be well on your way to a fascinating message for bulk SMS marketing. Remember: if you are looking for the best bulk SMS service provider, we are always here to help you through. almirianetworks is a technology solution provider dealing in a wide range of services, including installation of wireless networks, supplying and installation of Yeastar MyPBX phone systems, among many other services. Contact us today and work with the experts!