Infrastructure Virtualization

Data Center based on Virtualization solutions. Infrastructure Virtualization Management of modern data centers poses several challenges: Including limited IT budgets.Security, scalability. Availability.Business continuity and the flexibility to hybridize against cloud platforms as necessary.

almirianetworks uses its expertise in the virtualization field to provides the following services:

  • Consulting, designing and implementing DataCenter based on Virtualization solutions
  • Consulting, design and implement Virtual Desktop
  • Consulting, design and implementation Cloud Computing
  • Providing solutions for High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduling
  • Providing solutions for Site Recovery, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Providing solutions for Server Consolidation
  • Providing solutions for Security management on virtualized system
  •  Implementation and support and maintenance of all parts of the data center
  • Preparing the RFP, implementation of hardware, software and communications center for the Datacenter

Importance of Virtualization

Lower your capital and operational costs and improve operational efficiency and flexibility. Go beyond server consolidation and deploy a standard virtualization platform to automate your entire IT infrastructure. 

With VMware or Hyper-V, instead of devoting the entirety of a server’s physical resources to a single application, your ownership costs decrease as applications and solutions make better use of the hardware resources available to them. In addition to better load management, virtualization of your infrastructure can allow for your data  enter to continue running despite the failure of physical hardware, networking components, or even the loss of an entire physical site. Advantages offered by Infrastructure Virtualization

  • Lower number of physical servers in the datacentre
  • Power & Cooling savings
  • Lower hardware maintenance contract costs
  • Flexibility to deploy “Virtual Servers” quickly and without having to procure new hardware, migrate workloads around Virtual Datacentres with ease
  • Run application workloads across multiple ‘virtual’ servers to provide improved performance and resiliency without necessarily incurring additional hardware costs
  • Isolation & Security, running workloads on dedicated virtual servers provides software security and reduces the likelihood of application conflicts