Investing in a CCTV system is a cost-efficient and effective solution to your security needs. Choose Protive as your CCTV Installer.

Modern IP Cameras now offer greater performance, image quality, and recording quality, and can be linked to other systems to offer a complete security system.

IP CCTV  and IP cameras are now much more than a simple deterrent, as today’s leading technology offers much more than the norm of fixed image recording. Providing greater protection for your premises, employees/customers, and assets.

The technology in use has evolved massively over the last 2 years with the electronic security industry witnessing particularly high growth, now allowing for a higher level of security at a more affordable price. The improvement in this technology now allows for a range of new features:

IP Systems & IP Camera features

Networked video recording systems now have features including:

  • manual zoom that doesn’t reduce picture quality
  • disk utilisation by using motion/event detection and recording schedules to avoid the need for additional storage solutions.
  • scalability due to the ease with which additional cameras can be added to the system.
  • compatibility with existing networks and infrastructure.
  • remote access that allows users to view the video from remote locations and on a range of devices.
  • reliable functionality in tough conditions, including high and low temperatures.

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