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Almiria is a leading IT Support specialist based in Kenya. Our support areas covering Desktop Support , Server Support , Custom Solutions Support , Cloud storage solutions , Virtual Servers & Mail Server management.

We have experience in creating from scratch, and the expansion and maintenance of existing IT infrastructure both in small companies, medium-sized and in branches of international corporations.We offer our customers technologically advanced solutions tailored to their needs and to guarantee efficient and trouble-free operation while maintaining high quality and optimized investment costs.

We provide services for small and medium-sized businesses , serving comprehensive consulting in the field of purchasing hardware, upgrading existing hardware in the Company by offering solutions aimed at improving the quality of work.

Choose Almiria IT Support in Kenya. We have :

  • Many years of experience in the IT market.
  • The high quality of work and the culture of service.
  • Knowledge, skills and experience engineering team.
  • Certificates of competence – Microsoft, CISCO.
  • Professional and flexible terms of cooperation.
  • Reduce costs and increase IT standard.

IT Infrastructure

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Making your IT Infrastructure  economical, secure and updated with changing business goals are important factors in all organisations. The expectations and role of IT Infrastructure fundamentally shifting based on Mobility, cloud and the explosion of information trends. The major chunk of IT expense dedicated to infrastructure and operations.We can  Planning and controlling this expense while preparing for the future for  challenges facing in  IT infrastructure across organizations today.

We can hep you plan your IT structure.From entire IT structure to full time after Implementation support.We will identify your IT Requirement. Plan , Supply Equipment’s , Applications , Manpower to fulfill that role. We build IT Infrastructure and facilities , build and manage the infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility and business continuity


IT Support Contract

Provision of IT services based on a fixed service contracts. The increasing number of our customers use this form of cooperation, because it ensures lower cost of ownership on system, allows for planning expenses related to information technology while increasing productivity of overall  IT.


Secure your Data

Nowadays INFORMATION is an important element of the company capital. Proper storage, processing and data protection is one of the most important priorities. In the changing world  company business data  requires the use of special measures to protect and ensure their proper storage.


IT Security

Protect your enterprise from increasingly complex IT security threats with IT Security Services from Almiria. Confidently adopt an Outside-In approach and securely embrace third-platform and disruptive trends while guarding your organization against rapidly changing risks.


IT Infrastructure

We are maintaining IT infrastructure in a state of constant readiness to work .We have experience in creating IT infrastructure from scratch, and the expansion and maintenance of existing IT infrastructure both in small companies, medium-sized and in branches of international corporations.

Outsourcing IT Support

In order to minimize financial and time expenditures incurred by the Company we can offer several services. It is very important that to keep moving the company by  selection and development of modern information systems, while increasing the quality and efficiency of service users. we offer a wide range of services in the field of administrative support and service infrastructure.

We have  references of customers and the extensive range of authentication experience in providing services in the field of IT outsourcing.

  • IT security
  • optimization of operating costs Firms
  • the improvement of the flow of information
  • sustainable mobility systems

As part of the outsourcing of services we offer:

  • Audit of IT infrastructure condition and inventory of computer hardware and peripherals, software licenses, warranty periods. It allows you to analyze and understand needs and future investments in IT division.
  • The analysis of operating costs . It allows you to know the expenditures for the operation of IT resources (eg. Aggregate cost of printing done for the company, plus a cost per page) and to propose solutions.
  • Consulting in infrastructure planning , taking into account future needs and corporate requirements. Earlier planning development directions and the way in correlation with the available resources to minimize their costs and rationalize the planned purchases and properly plan future budgets.
  • Consultancy in the selection of hardware, software and technologies used – helps match  specifics requirement of the company, minimizing the risk of rapid aging moral, provides the necessary technology and scalability, 
  • User training . We train the organisation t users with the software used by them. It will Increase staff efficiency and utilization of software functionality.
  • IT support Kenya for servers and network environment (firewall, network switches) Support  including priority response to potential failures of short-time intervention.
  • Administrative care of the server and network environment , including planning and maintaining security policies, firewall management and the planned rules on access to the internal network, install the latest patches to server software (security and functional), monitoring of the network servers, backup application monitoring – execution backup accordance with a predetermined policy, administrative work – to create, delete, change in accounts and groups of users,  access to resources – Support offered both in the remote session as well as your location.
  • Service support and administration of the users and client computers , including: Telephone assistance in solving current problems of users

Why Almiria for your IT Support in Kenya

Almiria is a company that is quite popular for providing quality IT support Kenya. If you feel that your business needs to complement the in-house resources or completely outsource the IT support, then you have to contact Almiria for the job. We have designed our IT support services in such a way that you would not need to stress about managing the technological needs of your business. You can opt for a yearly contract with the company, or you also have the option of choosing the pay as you go service depending upon the business needs and your budget as well.