Mast & Tower Services

Almiria are a leading supplier of Mast & Tower Services  including Guyed Lattice Masts, Guyed Tubular Masts, Self Supporting Towers, Monopoles, Unipoles and rigging services .

We provide a full turnkey service, including Mast / Tower design, Foundation design, Structural Analysis on new or existing structures, Mast / Tower supply, installation, inspection and maintenance. Mast / Tower strengthening, upgrades and repairs.

Our client list is long and varied, including Airports & Ports, Military & Police, Fire, Ambulance & Emergency Services, State / Semi-State bodies, Radio Stations, Wireless Broadband & Mobile Phone Networks, Railways & Highways, Power Plants & Oil Refineries and Renewable Energy developers.

Typical applications include: Critical Communications, Public Safety, PMR, Radar, Microwave, LAN & WAN, FM Broadcast, IT radio links, Security & CCTV, Floodlighting, Meteorological sensors and Wind Measurement systems.

We offer a full range of structures to service the needs of our clients involved in Aviation, Broadcast, Telecommunications, Transport, Security, and Renewables.

> Guyed Lattice Masts
> Guyed Tubular Masts
> Self Supporting Lattice Towers
> Monopoles & Unipoles
> Temporary & Permanent Met Masts
> Tiltable masts, poles & columns
> Rooftop Structures

Mast & Tower Services
Mast & Tower Services

Typical applications for our products include…

Broadcast antennas
> Telecommunications link antennas
> Critical Communications coverage antennas
> Onshore / Offshore meteorological instruments
> Security floodlights & CCTV cameras
> Wireless communications LAN & WAN antennas
> Transportation radar scanner & coverage antennas