In the current day and age, Information Communication and Technology continues to grow and develop even as the world embraces groundbreaking innovations in the industry. One notable change is in the advent of networking systems for companies to further enhance communication and sharing of data through local networks systems and also via the internet. Due to the enormous constant changes in the way computers work, it becomes very crucial to have experts help in running the network systems within your company if you are not well set up with an IT department, or if the exercise requires the presence of the IT gurus. So, the big question becomes, how do you choose the best networking companies in Kenya to match your needs? Let’s look at a few pointers.

1.   How Well do You Know the Services Offered?

Let’s are honest. A guy wakes up one day, probably in midlife-crisis level, decides to put up a networking company because they were born holding computers, and starts marketing themselves as experts in the field! No offense, John doe! But how well do you know the services offered by the service provider? It is essential to look into the company thoroughly and see the type of services that are provided by the said company. Most importantly, the provider should have a very well structured cable which that will design and install for you up to standard cable products and of high quality.

2.   Check for the Warranty Policy

This is yet another important aspect not to leave out. Even with the best networking providers, no matter how reasonable quality assurance could be, warranty is an inevitable aspect that you cannot afford to leave out. The network and cabling services installed for you should be safe and secure. So make sure you look for the network provider that will offer you a reasonable warranty. The warranty should be able to cover the labor incurred during maintenance of the infrastructure as well as the materials for replacement in case anything goes wrong before the expiry of the warranty period. Remember, this could even mean the recovery process of data loss because of inconsistencies in the network structure, which should be ruled out if you land an excellent network provider.

3.   Experience

To get the best services, you need to make sure you verify how long the structured network cable provider has been up and running and the nature of the services that have been offered before. You need to hire a company that has been providing the installation services for the most extended period. In so doing, you will be assured that not only have they completed many similar projects, but also have the best expertise in the field.

4.   Professionalism

Regardless of how well experienced your choice of network provider is, remember professionalism is vital in quality assurance. How? Okay, your network provider offers services relating to the field, and has a reasonable warranty, but does not offer you a detailed quotation, or what we designers call a bill of quantities. It becomes tough to know what you are paying for. You need to know where your money is going. Luckily for you, most professional Networking companies in Kenya will provide you with well-detailed quotations giving you a full description of the scope of work as well as the pricing of the products involved. The Network Provider should also be able to guarantee minimal frustration amongst the users of the information technology within the company. This could be done by solving common issues that are related to poor network infrastructure.

5.   Is the firm Licensed?

Remember, you are looking for the best network provider to match your needs. So you need to pay keen attention to their competency. The network provider should be able to guarantee you a reduced impact of errors originating from the structured cable products. The network provider should also be licensed by a licensing body to practice the trade and be able to verify all the requirements of this structured cable network as of the nature of your business. Not only does the licensing apply to the firm but the employees as well. When you identify a firm, the first step the firm will take is to send in a professional consultant to determine your needs, and after that, the technicians come to do the dirty work. Whichever way, you need to make sure that the company you hire has workers who are certified in the field by education and training.

6.   Contacting References/Reputation

Much like what happens when looking for a job, often, an employer needs to verify the competency of a prospective employee by contacting the previous employers to find out more about the potential employee. This gives the employer a glimpse of how well endowed the employee is and how much he/she is bringing into the company. In this case, you are the employer, and the Network Provider is the employee. You will need to verify how well capable the network provider is by getting feedback from previous clients. The information given by these clients is very vital in informing your decisions. If the clients give a positive rating, you will have trust in the services of the provider, but if the feedback is negative,  having faith in the provider will be challenging. Remember, this network provider is an expert in the field and has done numerous projects for those other clients. The provider is most likely going to treat you the same way they treated other clients and probably deliver the services in the same manner. So to avoid making an expensive mistake, be sure to get as much feedback as possible. It will all be worth it.

7.   Nature of Service offered

The network installation provider should be able to provide your company integrated data, and also voice installations in case you are putting up data centers, VoIP phone systems, telecommunication companies, and even business computer networks. This can be categorized as accessibility. You need to also keep in mind whether you are working with one or several companies at a go. For example, you may be working with one company as a service provider and yet another as the cabling products provider. This decision is usually arrived at if you find the services of one company being distinct from the quality of the cabling products. If you find yourself struct between these two lines, then the information above will still apply to both the network providers.


You are looking for the best services in the country, and therefore you need to hire the right man for the job. With the industry being so big and diverse, finding the most genuine and reliable networking company will not be a walk in the park. It will call for vetting of each provider you find and shortlist the ones’ that you feel pretty much meet your standards. By doing so, you will be able to get high-quality installations with a minor failure margin. Networking is no job for armatures. The success of your business is dependent on how well technology is implemented and proper functioning tools. We have been in this industry for long enough to assure you quality services when it comes to networking. From mast and tower solutions to structured cabling to wireless networks, we can do just about anything! Contact almirianetworks today for all your IT needs.