Overhead Paging/Sound Systems

Think of your overhead paging system as a lifeline for your business. Not only does this system keep your workforce informed of updates or schedule changes, but it can help pass on urgent messages and alerts that are necessary to keeping your team safe.

Paging System

There are many purposes an overhead paging system can serve. It can be used as a platform for announcements of any variety or it can play a tone for breaks or the start and end of the workday, informing employees of the time. It can make emergency alerts, informing team members about threats to safety or building emergencies. They can also be used to page people throughout the building for phone calls or visitor arrivals.

Midwest Telephone sells two main types of overhead paging systems from trusted manufacturers, Bogen and Valcom. The difference between the two lies in amplification. Bogen systems typically require an amplifier, while Valcom systems are self-amplified.

Our systems are for both internal and external use, and can be used to page in just one building or across several. We can mount systems in the ceiling or route them through phone systems – whatever your needs are, we can custom design a solution for you. If you are looking for a more ambient sound system, Midwest Telephone offers background music that can play wherever you’d like. These state-of-the-art sound systems play a selection of music that can create a pleasant atmosphere for your business.