PABX Installation and Maintenance Services in Kenya

Get PABX and PBX installation and maintenance servicess in Nairobi, Kenya at Almiria Limited an ICT company based in Kenya dealing with among other products PABX/PBX systems installation and configuration.

One of the PABX system we provide both IP and Analogue PBX from Different Brands Like Yeastar, Zycoo, Panasonic and Cisco.

Yeastar telephone systems

Yeastar is a leading manufacturer of IP PBX Systems and VoIP Gateways. The Yeastar S-series VoIP PBX system is an excellent solution for medium to large enterprises since it  supports up to 500 users. It also boasts of an elegant design and is packed with fully advanced, cutting – edge features. Some of the benefits of using the Yeastar MyPBX Phone System include providing good cost savings, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of workers in offices. Strengthening the communication infrastructure is one sure formula in outdoing your competitors in business.

Yeastar, a highly ranked company offers small and medium sized businesses customized and  efficient telephony solutions to boost office communications. It transforms your business using its highly reliable and cost effective telephone systems which are equipped with the most advanced features in order to deliver a maximum communication experience.Comprising of the Broad range of Unified Communications, Contact Center Solutions and Multiple SIP  Client Configuration channels with Multi-Carrier Support, Yeastar Phone Systems are simply designed to provide you with an easy user interface. Yeastar Phone Systems have been configured to allow full compatibility with SIP – based phones in Eldoret. There are a number of available IP Phone brands which include Fanvil, RTX, Cisco, Grandstream, Snom, Panasonic, Aastra, Polycom, and Gigaset. Module-based MyPBX allows for a versatile telephony integration.

Panasonic PBX System

Panasonic KX-TES824E is initially configured to 3 exchange lines and 8 extensions. With optional cards you can easily expand the capacity up to 8 exchange lines and 24 extensions. The system comes with built-in DISA / Message on busy, Extension Caller ID, Remote Modem and USB Port for PC Programming. Featuring DISA (Direct Inward System Access) which allows outside callers to access any extension without going through an operator. Automatic greeting messages can be recorded by the operator of manager, directing the call to an appropriate department or destination. The system is smart enough to even detect an incoming fax transmission – routing the call automatically to a designated fax extension.

Extension Caller ID compatibility displays the incoming caller’s phone number or name when used with a Panasonic proprietary display telephone. Up to 20 calls can be logged per extension.

The Optional Voice Message Card ensures you will never miss a call when you are not available. You can customize you voice mailbox, by recording your own greetings which will be played when you cannot answer your phone. This system supports the KXT7700 series range of telephones (KXT7735, KXT7730, KXT7720 and KXT7750). Please see below for more products.

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This system can be used by small and large enterprises. It has a Call Transfer capability, Hold Functionality, Cordless Phones support, Personal Voicemail, Voicemail to mail feture, Auto attendant capability, Calls Conferencing, User friendly handsets, Remote office connection among other advantages. It can hold 272 IP Phones, 272 Analog Phones, 264 Digital Phones, 16/144 Analog Trunks, 32 BRI Lines,92/120 PRI trunks and 128 SIP Phones.

Suitable for medium and large entreprises.It can help you to enjoy ease of Calls transfer,Hold Functionality, Cordless Phones support, Personal Voicemail, Voicemail to mail feture, Auto attendant capability, Calls Conferencing, User friendly handsets, Remote office connection, cheap voice calls, among other advantage

Yeaster S20,S50,S100, IP PABX

Enterprise class based pabx. Gives strong scalability, mobility unified communication and allow third party integration. It can hold 300 users and expandable to 500 users. Can allow up to 120 concurrent calls. It can handle up to 24 FXS/FXO/BRI ports. 6 GSM/CDMA/3G/4G channels can be accommodated. Also has a capacity of 3 E1/T1/PRI Ports

Panasonic NS500 IP PABX

Desiged to suit cooporates and medium business enterprises It is equipped with Call center solutions, voicemail systems, auto attendant,auto recording, automatic voice guidance, call monitory and history reports,mobile phones intergration, advanced call routing, call pick up grouping among other merits.

Panasonic KX-TDA200 IP PABX

Good for medium and large entreprises.Capable of holding maximum of 128 CO lines,92 PRI Channels, 96 T1 channels, 16 IP Gateways,128 Digital phones,128 SLT phones,128 wireless phones. It is a perfect solution for a company looking for a Digital/IP Telephone system.

Perfect for solution for small and medium companies. Capable of supporting 12 Digital phones, 32 Analog phones 12 CO lines. Also equipped with call recording, barge-in , AME, music on hold,Paging, Auto atendant ports, and lound bell audio outputs

Panasonic KX-TES824,KX-TD1232 Hybrid PABX