Almiria Offers Panasonic PBX/PABX Configuration and System Maintenance for small businesses and corporate. Our Services ranges from

  1. Effectively install and maintain a wide range of PANASONIC PABX systems
  2. Carry out customisation and configuring
  3. Trouble-shoot and isolate faulty parts.

We also do training o

  1. Introduction to PANASONIC PABX.
  2. Introduction to different Models of PANASONIC PABXs
  3. Comparison of PANASONIC PABXs
  4. Hardware and the PANASONIC cabinet & DSS console
  5. Proprietary telephones connection and operation
  6. Single line telephones (SLT) installation and operation
  7. Operator Consoles
  8. PANASONIC voice mail service
  9. DISA, internal and external MOH installation and configuration
  10. Call detail recording
  11. Integration with ISDN
  12. Hardware maintenance operations
  13. Remote maintenance configuration
  14. Power supply
  15. System and extension features
  16. Administration and maintenance commands
  17. System inspection
  18. Fault diagnosis and trouble-shooting