Point of Sale Software Kenya :: With EFD Integration

EzzyBooks consists of a number of Point of Sale Software Kenya :: With EFD Integration modules that work together to offer an end to end solution to our customers, Customer relationship and accounting modules are packaged along with any other module that your type of business needs. Here is a bullet view for some of our major modules.

Accounts and financial reporting

A/C chart, categories and sub categories,Core financial reports both cummulitive and periodic with drill in and out, journals entry, financial periods, budgeting, reconciliation.  See Demo

 Realtor Management

Manage tenant leases, Rent collection, occupancy, tax reporting, agents, landlords and care takers payments, building and other expense tracking, bank reconcilliation  See Demo

 Customer Relationship Management

Customer bio data, accounts opening, file,images and other documents management, leads and tasks management, email and message templates. See Demo

Loans Management

Application management, credit scoring, guarantors and collateral management, approval and disbursement tracking, auto interest and penalty, flexible reporting, cash, bank, mobile money payments tracking and intergration, bank reconcilliation.  See Demo

 Inventory and supply chain

Goods and services tracking, reorder levels, requisitions, orders, issues, quotes, returns and invoice processing, creditors and debtors tracking.  See Demo

 HR Management & Payroll

Time sheet, performance and evaluation monitoring, recruitment and learning management, leave and absentism management, salary, benefits and deductions management See Demo

How We Do It…….

We operate as business partners with our customers, We sit where our customer is sited so that we can see the horizon from their position and in the end, there is no disconnect between their problem and the solution we provide

we are able to sustain these customer through our support team of qualified enthusiastic programmers as well as compelling partnerships with the world’s leading management information systems providers who helps us implement and deliver world class enterprise solutions to our customers.

What is EzzyBooks ?

  • An intergrated management information system consisting a number of modules that are customizable to fit in to any institutions operations
  • EzzyBooks is developed by CompWeb Software Solutions EA ltd, implementation and training is handled by Compweb as well as a network of Agents within East Africa that are equiped with the necessary knowledge from our Head office in Nairobi
  • Customization is centrally handled at the head ofice but requests for customization can be submitted through our agents, support lines, email.
Point of Sale Software Kenya :: With EFD Integration
Point of Sale Software Kenya :: With EFD Integration

In this sector, the system has been customized for; Supermarkets, pharmacies, Eye clinics, Resturants and Clubs, Beauty shops, Hardware stores, Agrovets,Cloth shops and boutiques…….