Power your business with CISCO IP PBX

VOIP technology allows enterprises to experience wonderful communication solution. Business find great success with the IP based communication solutions and systems, since the benefits are tremendously high. It bring down the communication costs drastically, enable business to experience quality communication, bring customer relation closer and increase productivity and efficiency of employees. Moreover it add incredible value to the enterprises. It is good to upgrade communication set up with the IP based solutions to feel the merits of internet technology. Most business find it make sense to invest in the right systems. A good IP telephony provider can deliver quality solutions with the leading IP PBX systems such as the Cisco PBX systems.

Kenya is increasingly becoming the fast-growing economies in Africa. If you wish to develop a good presence for your business in Kenya, it is required to have a quality infrastructure. Here the importance of a reliable IP telephony provider in Kenya comes.

Power your business with Cisco systems Kenya

An American giant, Cisco is a global company skilled in the development of telephone systems and networking solutions to the industries across world. Cisco is instrumental to producing cutting edge telephone solutions to the businesses. Combining quality and reliable solutions, Cisco has IP products that satisfy the communication requirements in a greater way. We at Almiria is specialized to crafting solutions with Cisco IP PBX systems Kenya. Being a prominent Cisco distributor in Kenya, we have the right products and solutions to your every business communication need.

Creating a powerful infrastructure with Cisco Systems Nairobi, Kenya

Our solutions are not limited with the Cisco IP PBX systems, we are well versed to design systems using Cisco unified communication solutions, IP phones and video conferencing solutions. You have the reasons to choose us for your telephony needs, because our solutions are economical, productive and efficient. From designing to installation of Cisco PBX systems, we proved our skill to provide support, training and maintenance of Cisco systems Kenya as well.

CISCO Telephone systems

Cisco systems are well known to delivering class communication solutions that are intuitive, productive and scalable. These systems are known in the market for their quality performance and delivery. With Cisco, business certainly can relish the experience of high level collaboration, unified and mobility solutions. Family of Cisco systems empowering business communication include Business edition 6000, Business edition 7000, CISCO Spark, Business edition 6000 S and hosted collaboration solutions. To support the unified environments, CISCO has VOIP and video phones designed for your business needs.

Cisco Business Edition 6000 and Cisco Business edition 7000- your gateway to business success

Cisco Business Edition 6000 – BE 6000 is truly a wonderful system for today’s growing business. The system is capable to connect up to 1000 users with great collaboration features. Your business get the advanced collaboration technology with this system. The ability of the system to bring people closer from any location at any time and on any device make it a wonderful pick for your most challenging business environment. The services that can be converged include the Voice, mobility, video, data, messaging, contact center and more.

Cisco Business edition 7000 is also enriched with powerful features and collaboration solutions. It has been designed to make the communication so powerful where it can connect more than 1000 users and thousands of devices. With the hardware and software collaboration, Cisco Business edition 7000 is a great choice for evolving business enterprises. It lets you expand more users as your business grows and add more applications.

Here are the reasons why you should prefer Cisco systems for your business in Kenya.

  • With the powerful tools the system can enhance employee productivity
  • Encouraging face to face interactions, it bring employees and customers closer
  • End user satisfaction is a guaranteed element with this system
  • Easy to manage and set up
  • Economically feasible
  • Delivers end to end collaboration capabilities
  • Support to interoperability with the third-party endpoints and applications
  • The system is easily upgradable and extendible

Cisco Spark is a great collaboration platform that enable users to add messaging, video capabilities, file sharing and calling. It helps your business team to get the work done in a prompt manner.

Altogether solutions with Cisco IP PBX systems Kenya is worth for your business.

Why Cisco telephone system Kenya?

The benefits in using the CISCO phones Kenya are its exceptional features itself. Cisco telephone systems and IP phones introduce some state of the art options to enrich business in a highly distinct way. With the Cisco IP systems Kenya, Business doesn’t need to think twice before making a telephone system upgrade. Highly adaptable hardware and software facility make these systems a delightful options for many businesses. Moreover some of the CISCO series are able to customize in tune with the client requirements.

When it comes to the systems, it has wide range of systems including the video conferencing systems, unified communication solutions, IP phones and applications that enable business to achieve communication goals in a productive way. Family of Cisco IP PBX systems Nairobi enable your business to get quick connectivity from anywhere anytime. With the advanced features and functionalities these telephone systems provide greater communication power the business wants.