Remote CCTV monitoring gives you peace of mind, you can relax knowing that you have a solution that provides a 24/7 security managed by expert security personnel.

Our Remotely Monitored CCTV solutions act as an active deterrent, allowing immediate action to be taken, preventing or reducing damage or loss of property. CCTV footage that isn’t remotely monitored can provide you with evidence after damage has been done, but a monitored system can help prevent it entirely.

We work with the cutting edge technology from industry leading suppliers to provide you with an effective Remote CCTV monitoring solution that is also cost-efficient.

Our process:

  1. Your CCTV system is connected via the Internet to a secure monitoring station, sending images from your CCTV cameras direct to our security personnel.
  2.  The footage can be monitored 24/7 or during selected hours, often outside of normal business hours or when the property will be empty.
  3. Our smart security systems inform security personnel in the event of an alarm being activated. To provide the best view possible, cameras are then re-aligned, zoomed or an alternative viewpoint is selected.
  4. Our professional security personnel then manually monitor the CCTV footage, looking at recent footage as well as live footage to properly assess the situation.

If a risk is identified by our Remote Monitoring centre, we react to manage the situation by either:

  • Communicating directly with the intruders via an inbuilt tannoy system
  • We can inform you if required
  • We contact the emergency services

Normally, intruders are deterred by the tannoy system and the knowledge that they have been detected, but in the event that they aren’t, our team is in a position to ensure the emergency services can act accordingly to resolve the incident.

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