School and Church Phone Systems

Long gone are the days of one telephone per school, located in the principal’s office. Today’s classrooms are more connected than ever. Some of the features you may see in a modern classroom include:

Phone Systems in Each Classroom

Phone systems for schools enable seamless communication for teachers and administrators between classrooms and offices. Every classroom has a phone installed for office-to-classroom communications, paging and emergency notifications.

Wireless and Mobile Hub

Classrooms that take full advantage of today’s technologies can benefit from our voice and data cabling services. With wireless access points, students and teachers can work on computers or tablets from anywhere in the room. We can design and install the infrastructure that is required for schools running several computers and devices, at the high speed internet levels a school requires.

Emergency Notifications

In emergency situations, teachers need immediate notice of any issues so they can take action to protect their classroom. Calling every classroom in the school could waste valuable time, so many schools today have a tone system they use to alert teachers. A principal or administrator could choose a tone that teachers would recognize as a signal to lockdown their classrooms; teachers then take action to lockdown a classroom and protect students, with minimal disruption to the students.

Schools also have the option of recording a message to send to parents in the case of an emergency, weather notification or general alert. Each message would be relayed to parents as soon as the school was ready.

Church Phone Systems

Churches can take advantage of our discount. Whether you need a simple phone system with voicemail or one that incorporates hold music and messages, we can take care of your needs.