Secure Your World with Almiria: Supplying and Installing Advanced CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

As our society continues to evolve, security has emerged as a paramount concern for both individuals and organizations. Recognizing this growing demand, we at Almiria are proud to offer high-quality CCTV surveillance camera systems in Kenya to protect your home and business. Our team of professionally trained technicians will guide you through the entire process, from supply to installation, ensuring your property’s safety.

Secure Your World with Almiria: Supplying and Installing Advanced CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

The Best CCTV Equipment at Your Fingertips

At Almiria, we believe in offering only the best. Our product range includes top-of-the-line CCTV camera systems from leading manufacturers like HIKVision, Dahua, Axis, Anviz, and Ubiquiti. By choosing us, you are not just investing in a product, but in your peace of mind. We understand that every property has its unique security needs, which is why we provide a diverse range of cameras, enabling you to choose a solution that best fits your requirements.

End-to-End Solutions

Choosing the right surveillance camera system is only the beginning. Installation plays a critical role in ensuring the system functions as it should. Our team of experienced technicians are well-versed in complex waterproof CCTV installations, ensuring the durability and longevity of your security system.

But we don’t stop there. We ensure that you have the power of surveillance at your fingertips. We facilitate remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Why Choose Almiria?

With numerous CCTV camera companies operating in Kenya, why choose Almiria? The answer is simple – we prioritize your safety. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our professionally trained technicians and top-tier product line, sets us apart from the competition. We provide not just a surveillance system, but a comprehensive security solution that gives you the assurance and peace of mind you need to focus on your core business.

Furthermore, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all.’ Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and suggest a tailored security solution that will best serve your interests.


In today’s world, staying proactive about security is not just recommended, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, Almiria is here to help. As one of the top CCTV cameras companies in Kenya, we promise to deliver top-notch products, expert installation services, and unparalleled customer support.

Choosing Almiria means choosing quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Secure your world with us today, because your security is our priority.