Small Business Telephone Systems

A small business telephone system should provide dependable, effective communication for your employees and customers. By selecting the right phone system, you can help your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible. When choosing a new phone system, it is important to think about what your business phone needs are and compare all of your options. Here are some things to consider when selecting a phone system for your business.

Consider Business Growth

Small business telephones are typically set up to handle 2-24 users. While this may work for your business now, what do you see happening in the future? If you predict great growth, buying a phone system for your current situation and not your predicted growth may end up costing you more in the end, while having to deal with the hassle of implementing another new phone system. Buy a phone system with a clear idea of where you’re going and not so much as where your business is right now.

After-Hour Call Handling

Although technology has come a long way, and most people are aware of the benefits, it’s still not uncommon to hear customers say, “we don’t want/need voicemail.” Even if voicemail seems unnecessary to you, the functionality it provides is worth it in customer service returns.

It’s true that adding voicemail to your phone system will increase the overall cost of a telephone system. But, what value do you put on a new customer calling just after you close only to find that they can’t leave a message? They’re most likely going to go down the line to the next business and they’ll get the business meant for you. If you want to do the math, determine what your average sale is, multiply that by your closing percentage and equate that a lost opportunity.

Staying Ahead of Competitors

What if you do care a lot about customers calling after hours or when you’re away from the phone? Advances in the functionality and technology of telephone systems are helping companies stay connected to customers. Business telephones can now be tied to cellular or smart devices to allow callers to reach you in the field and voicemails can be forwarded to email. This way, customers can reach you when they need you and they’ll have no need to visit a competitor.

Midwest Telephone Can Help

Midwest Telephone provides a variety of solutions to problems that businesses may have when choosing a telephone system. We can discuss:

  • Phone systems that can be routed through an office or warehouse
  • Corded or cordless phones
  • Call recording
  • Caller identification
  • Auto attendant answering
  • Phone functionality for remote employees
  • Minimizing expenses when upgrading phone systems
  • New phone installation
  • Remote system access