Telecommunications Services Provider

Almiria has been providing telecommunications services to businesses of all sizes in and around central since 2018. We sell, service, and install telephone and voicemail systems along with overhead paging equipment, music on hold equipment and any related cabling. We also provide voice and data cabling (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber Optic, and Coax) to network your phone system, data equipment, and TVs together.

Basic Service Repair Calls: Phone Systems, Data Cabling, TV/Audio

We work on all brands of business telephones systems. We stock the most popular and common telephone system in our warehouse. That means minimal waiting for our customers when parts are needed for your phone system, voicemail or overhead paging equipment. When your business has a need for a program change, updates to your voicemail, adding additional phones, employees moving offices or just needing some additional training, we are here to help. Most service calls are scheduled for the next business day. We don’t want you to waste your time, make sure you have what you need before you call, here are tips to improve your experience with us!

Upgrade Current Phone System

Is your phone system maxed out on the number of phones or lines it can support? Is everything working great except you need to add voicemail? These are two common scenarios that a lot of customers have. Don’t put off calling about upgrading your business phone system. We will evaluate your current phone system, make recommendations, and provide a no obligation free quote.. We are firm believers that a new telephone system is not always the best choice for all businesses. An upgrade can provide customers with features they didn’t previously have at an affordable price. In the event there is no other option but to move to a different solution we can keep the cost down by offering refurbished phone systems and often times a trade in allowance on your old equipment.

Move/Relocate Existing Phone System

When the time comes and your business decides to move, we are here to help with all of your telecommunication and cabling needs. Moving or relocating your phone system requires advance planning, design, and implementation. Our knowledgeable staff will work with your company to make your transition as painless as possible. Are you concerned about which vendor will handle which tasks? We handle all aspects of your move, from physically moving your telephone system to the cabling for your voice and data network. Concerned about your fax machine, credit card machine, postage meter, data equipment, overhead paging, speakers, or even cable TV. We have the expertise to handle that also.

Moving business phone systems is normal work for us and you can count on us to handle your project and complete it before your deadline.

Voice/Data Cabling

When your business has a cabling need, rest assured you have called on the professionals to handle it. We specialize in installing all types of communications cabling no matter what your specific project requires. We can terminate, test, and certify as well. Our specialty may be installing phone and voice mail systems but before any of that can happen, your business needs cabling in place to make it all work. From small offices, to factories or even hospitals, we have the expertise and knowledge to install the correct cable that your project requires.

Paging/Sound Systems

Think of your overhead paging system as a lifeline for your business. Not only does this system keep your workforce informed of updates or schedule changes, but it can help pass on urgent messages and alerts that are necessary to keeping your team safe. There are many purposes an overhead paging system can serve. It can be used as a platform for announcements of any variety or it can play a tone for breaks or the start and end of the workday, informing employees of the time. It can make emergency alerts, informing team members about threats to safety or building emergencies. They can also be used to page people throughout the building for phone calls or visitor arrivals.