Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data Cabling and development are the foundation of your network. The speed of your technology is only as good as the cable infrastructure it runs on. Without it your system may fail to function properly or maintain optimal efficiency. Your business needs a solid telecommunications and network cabling system in place so operations run smoothly. Almiria is the company of choice for cabling installation and development. With Almiria you can consider the task done.

Planning, design, installation, certification and maintenance of your communications networkWe provide:

  • High.grade cable selection
  • Fiber Optic, Cat 5e & Cat 6 Data Cable, and Voice Cable, Coaxial
  • TIA/EIA Industry Standards to adhere to Local, State and Federal
  • Site surveys
  • Infrastructure design
  • Computer Rooms and Distribution Frames
  • Retro.Fits of Existing Computer Rooms
  • Complete voice, data, and video cable installations
  • Cable management, racks and patch panel systems
  • MDF & IDF build outs
  • LAN and WAN infrastructures

No two jobs are the same, which is after consulting with our client to ascertain their needs, Almiria designs the right system for you. To do this we take a verity of factors in to account and then create the perfect system for your needs.

Our engineers design the system that will best meet the needs of each company. From small companies to large corporations and everything in between, our engineers know exactly what each client needs to complete the work.