Yeastar S Series VoIP PBX Configuration/Setup Instructions

from installing expansion modules to boot up and the initial configuration Yeastar has made installation of their Asterisk based S series VoIP PBX easy and straight forward. The default IP address is and a username and password of admin and password. Once connected the first selection is the language of preference and a change from the default passwords. You are also prompted for an email address where a password reset email can be sent when forgetting the password. Once the device is placed on your network you’re off and running, setting up extension ranges and then creating extensions, either SIP, IAX or FXS which will show up if you installed a FXS module. Using “bulk adding extensions” makes fast work on the initial install.

Follow the instructional setup videos below for fast and easy installation and setup of the S20 VoIP PBX. Yeastar’s S series PBXs (S20, S50, S100 and S300) get great reviews for their intuitive GUI and make excellent choices for any SMB, especially for hotel/motel solutions using their Hotel app, as well as call centers using the Queuemetrics application.

Installing Yeastar’s S series VoIP PBX, S20, S50 & S100.

Instructional Video-Setup for Yeastar S Series VoIP PBX

This getting started overview explains getting connected and initial setup for the S series.

Configure Initial Settings for Yeastar S Series VoIP PBX

Explanation of logging into the web configuration GUI panel and using web browser to setup initial network configuration settings.

Yeastar S Series VoIP PBX- Configuring Extensions

Setting your extension range, creating extensions and configuring SIP, FXS, SIP Forking step by step and assigning features including user information, user permissions, etc.. How to add bulk extensions.